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Reiki Rays Library - free Reiki eBooks Welcome, and thank you for being a Reiki channel in the world

Thank you for being a Reiki Rays newsletter subscriber. Welcome to the Reiki Rays Library: our best Reiki eBooks, on one page, for you to download and read at your leisure.

To download an eBook locally to your computer, right click its image or title and then choose Save as... (or Save target as... or Save link as...) from the menu that appears. To read an eBook online without downloading it, simply click it. Love and Light!

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Reiki eBooks by Topics

Reiki Case Studies

How to Keep Reiki By Your Side

All Day Long

Reiki and Healthcare

Under the Moonlight

Praise Be to the Light

Healer, Cleanse Thyself

of Negative Energies

Show Me the Money

The Reiki Way

Attunements Demystified

Archangels Glory

Angels in Reiki Practice and Life

Meditate with Me

Cut the Cord with Reiki

Far Away,

A Must Read for All Distant Healers

My Precious Crystals and Reiki

Traditional Usui Reiki Symbols

Healing Past and Future

with Reiki

Heal and Balance Your Chakras

with Reiki

Reiki Tips

You Haven’t Thought Of

Sleep Tight with Reiki

Lose Weight with Reiki

Reiki Your Crystals

Animal Reiki

Deep Love for Animals

Combine Reiki with

Other Healing Tools


Reiki® Symbols

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Reiki eBooks by Featured Authors

Reiki, an Integral Part of My Life

by Angie Webster

Being a Reiki Angel on Earth

by Haripriya Suraj

Beautiful Gifts of Reiki

by Justine Melton

In Search of Our Objective Truth

by Phillip Hawkins

Be a Lightworker... All the Time

by Deborah Lloyd

Reiki Wings

by Rinku Patel

Do Reiki and Be Reiki

by Sunetra Dasgupta

The Gifts of Reiki

by Patti Deschaine

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