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Human biology and our energy field are high-frequency crystals. We are, in effect, human crystal resonators. When we work on refining, polishing, and activating our human crystal, or what we call our crystalline matrix, we establish electromagnetic spirals and geometric construction sets for our DNA to establish not only our physical form but also our entire manifested reality.

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Call Of The Ancient – Body Changes

November 1, 2022

by Teri Wade We are changing on a molecular level. (Cellular transformation) Many of you are experiencing headaches, nausea, dizziness, feeling of spinning and loss of emotional centering. A fundamental change is taking place in your house meaning we are changing our DNA while living in it. We are genetic engineers of the New World species.During cellular transformation repigmentation of our skin will begin to occur many will see unusual marks on the surface of their skin… brown, red, white etc. this can occur on young people as well as older bodies. This is a temporary repigmentation that will allow the skin to come into its true purpose. This is brought on by the blood cell membranes being enriched by oxygen and bringing them closer to the surface.We’re coming back to our original time sequence as we were in the past. Currently, the changes we are all feeling are happening internally in our infrastructure and we are feeling them physically. These changes are taking place in the following places: Cellular system in the blood, CNS (central nervous system), bone marrow, how the brain is firing and how it receives information from Source. These are the changes that are currently happening and it’s causing massive confusion not to mention physical discomfort. Many can tell a change is occurring but we cannot see it in the mirror. But, this internal change will begin to bleed through to the external body. This is where the base must first be built.Some people will experience weight gain or loss. The body knows how to readjust and reorganize because this process is quite natural. Meaning, this information has been coded within the cells of the body. The greater you are aware of this transformation the more you can assist.Some are seeing a weakening of their immune system. This is brought on by the human body being recalibrated at a higher frequency while still being bombarded by the dense, heaviness of this 3D realm. We are experiencing an unbalance in our nervous system and some are dealing with this with explosions of anger, frustration etc. I call these people the resistors who choose to fight this transformation. We will see different kinds of nervous disorders during this rewiring process accommodating the increased intensity of Light that is now able to enter our bodies. What’s happening is there is a greater acceleration of energy being absorbed by the body and this acceleration of energy is being sent through the Central Nervous System. Some will deal with this well and some will not. As we take on this new body of Light most organs and glands will no longer be needed and eventually disappear.As this acceleration of energy enters our physical body the CNS will immediately try and attempt to dissipate some of that energy by sending it out thru the spinal cord. This energy could fire out thru the muscular system which would cause tightness, soreness and cramping. If these energies fire out through the blood vessels restriction could occur. If they fire through the skin you could experience abnormally hot or cold prickling. Our bodies are constantly trying to remain in a stable state during this process. It’s trying to catch up with the increased frequencies. Our bodies are literally washing away the old format. We are in the process of building something undescribable. I’ve said this many times the Central Nervous System is incredibly important to this process this is why the controllers are targeting it.We are seeing humanity stray away from heavy dense foods such as meats and heavy proteins which stay in the body longer which creates the body to stay in heavy density longer. But, as a biological dense being the heavier protein will be needed for some. Many heavier grains will also be an issue for some. Remember, the goal of this process is returning us to Light. I know some of you are having issues with digestion of heavy, greasy dense foods because these foods don’t vibrate with the higher body vibration. Your body’s needs and your appetite will change within this process. But, everyone is different so listen to your body. Meaning, one day you might need a heavier, denser protein and some days not. Your body is trying to keep up with this higher vibratory rate but the difficulty in this 3D realm is the lag we experience.We all know and are experiencing incredibly crazy sleep patterns that’s all I need to say about that. Also, our memory is also changing. We all think it’s a bad thing to lose our memory but what is currently happening with many is that we’re transitioning to depending on our intuitive knowing and less on our memory. We are experiencing intuitive insights and flashes of memory. I am notorious at being in mid-sentence and completely forgetting about what I wanted to say next. Basically, as this cellular transformation takes place it will be harder to reference your past through your memory system. All useless data is disappearing from our memory files. Referencing past data was useful because acceptance of past reality based beliefs and prior experiences. Referencing data of the past is falling away.We are also going through a process which we call the thinning of the veil. As this protective device thins we are finding out that there are no boundaries between our physical body and our higher self. Many people are not only experiencing contact with beings from other realms but are experiencing contact with your higher self. So, listen to your body, listen to that intuitive voice it’ll get stronger and louder as the veil thins. We are experiencing something absolutely amazing and monumental on a scale most cannot believe with this process of DNA activation. This process of DNA activation is what I named “Call of the Ancient.” Many are hearing and feeling that call which eventually will bring us back to balance. We are in the process of being downloaded and activated with incredible insight, wisdom and knowledge of our Ancient past and we have just begun.


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