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Human biology and our energy field are high-frequency crystals resonators. When refining and activating our human crystal, (Crystalline Matrix) we establish electromagnetic spirals and geometric construction sets for our DNA to establish not only physical form but our whole entire manifested reality.


The Biomagnetic human energy (Crystalline Matrix) field is composed of information from each organ and every bodily tissue. The heart’s currents determine its shape, as the heart is the body’s strongest electrical producer. The primary electrical flow is therefore established by the circulatory system. As well, the nervous system interacts with the circulatory system and creates distinct flows, seen as whirling patterns, within the field.


Rudolf Steiner, a brilliant author and philosopher, suggested that the human energy field is made of ether, an element comparable to a negative mass, or a hollowed-out space. We can only surmise, but perhaps the field is actually made of both electromagnetic radiation (specifically magnetism) and an antimatter that allows a shift of energy between this world and others.


Thus the propensity of healers to deliver healing energy is based on intention. It is a matter of creating enough intensity in the “here and now” energies to access an equivalency in the antiworlds. What we accomplish within our own field can be delivered like an instant message on the Internet to another individual’s energy field.


Barbara Ann Brennan  Scientist and Psychotherapist of the School of Healing Sciences, proposes seven basic layers of the auric field. These graduate from the body, linked with each of the seven basic chakras. The chakras also attune to different subtle bodies, which combine to compose three basic planes. These planes are accessible through the auric fields.

Brennan is also able to intuitively perceive two levels beyond the etheric, which she calls the cosmic plane. She associates these with the eighth and ninth chakras. The eighth appears fluid to her, while the ninth is composed of a crystalline template.


The Aura

Scientists have been investigating—and substantiating—the existence of the aura, the human energy field that surrounds our entire body, for over a hundred years, adding to the knowledge our ancestors already possessed. This field consists of multiple bands of energy called auric layers or auric fields, that encompass the subtle body, connecting us to the outside world.


The aura has been known by many names in many cultures. The Kabbalists called it an astral light. Christian artists depicted Jesus and other figures as surrounded by coronas of light. The Vedic scriptures and teachings of the Rosicrucians, Tibetan and Indian Buddhists, and many Native American tribes describe the human energy field in detail.


Even Pythagoras discussed the field, which was perceived as a luminous body. In fact, John White and Stanley Krippner, authors of Future Science, list ninety-seven different cultures that reference the human aura, each culture calling it by a different name.


If you are new to this terminology welcome to all that you are truly made of, the Energy of Love. Clients who have contacted me are usually guided here. They have reached a point in their life that needs healing. They are ready to begin the process. Maybe you are not feeling well. You have sleepless nights or you are in constant pain and you now need to reach out and are looking for guidance.


When we are experiencing these symptoms our body is giving us important information. Our energy field is being depleted and this can create the platform for disease and illness within our body, mind and spirit.


This work is about how we metabolize energy and how we maintain a field of energy that supports our body, mind and spirit to bring more vitality into our life. I gently guide my clients to the inner landscapes, the canvas within us that we can revitalize, especially a pattern of our life that we have out grown. Or maybe the canvas just needs a dusting of the cob webs for more clarity and direction.


This is what the healing process is all about. It’s-peace, harmony, clarity and fulfillment to take self-responsibility and create and manifest what you need. It takes courage, patience and self- nurturing to support the process that is well worth the time and effort, and don’t forget about fun and having a sense of humor.


Laughing is healthier than medicine itself. When your laughing you are healing as the endorphin's are released from the brain and at the same time relieves body pain. This process is about how much do you care about you? You are the caretaker of your being and you have the freedom to choose to be or not be in discomfort. 


Please note that Energy practitioners do not diagnose conditions nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances,nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.


Energy medicine does not take the place of medical care. It is always recommended that all clients also contact a licensed physician for any physical or psychological ailment.The body has the ability to heal itself and to do so, complete relaxation is beneficial. Energy medicine helps support any imbalances in the energy field through this work that can facilitate healing. Namaste





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