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Identifying & Understanding the Symptoms of Blocked Chakras

by Conscious Reminder /From The system of chakras in the human body is quite important as it is a channel through which we can clearly understand the interconnectedness of the physical body and spiritual body. The English word for the Sanskrit word chakra is ‘wheel’. Such a name is given because every connection of chakra is in turn linked to the next in a manner that it creates a loop of energy surrounding the body. When you are troubled by illness in some part of your body, then there will be a correlated block or weakness in your chakras. If you are aware of the connections of the body parts with the chakras, you can better address the energy source of physical and emotional ailments.

Here is how to recognize if a chakra is blocked: 1. Root Chakra Color: Red Element: Earth Position: Base of the spine How to identify blockage:

  • If you feel stuck and sluggish, then your root chakra is closed.

  • You are facing unending financial problems.

  • You feel abandoned by your parents.

  • You hate your own self.

2. Sacral Chakra Color: Orange Element: Water Position: Below the belly button How to identify blockage:

  • You are facing trouble in being sexually intimate.

  • You feel abused and confused.

  • You think that sex is bad

  • You see yourself in a negative light

3. Solar Plexus Chakra Color: Yellow Element: Fire Position: Above the navel, two inches below breastbone How to identify blockage:

  • You always feel like a victim to the situations in the world.

  • You give away your powers to others

  • You find it difficult to follow your dreams and passions due to lack of self-esteem.

4. Heart Chakra Color: Green Element: Air Position: Center of chest How to identify blockage:

  • You are afraid of commitment

  • You have been hurt in the relationships previously and now you always think about guarding yourself.

  • A weak heart chakra can also be a root of heart diseases.

5. Throat Chakra Color: Blue Element: Sound Position: Hollow of Throat How to identify blockage:

  • You are afraid of speaking up and making your point.

  • You try to please everyone and thus go along with everything.

  • You feel that others do not listen to you and thus you feel frustrated.

6. Third Eye Chakra Color: Indigo Element: Light Position: Between the eyebrows How to identify blockage:

  • You struggle to find meaning in your life and often ask yourself, “Why am I here?”

  • You do not feel any intuition.

  • You have trouble making decisions.

7. Crown Chakra Color: Violet Element: Thought Position: Top of the head How to identify blockage:

  • You feel strong attraction towards material things and feel disconnected from the spiritual world.

  • You do not feel the presence of the higher guiding energy.

  • You often suffer from headaches and migraines.

It is pertinent to note that if one primary chakra experiences imbalance, then all other chakras gets affected as well. So, do not get overwhelmed if you have symptoms of multiple blockages. The reason for many symptoms is that one chakra is blocked and others are also affected by it. So, the main goal should be to find that primary blockage. Spiritual knowledge and exercises can help to restore the flow of energy.


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