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Part II is my personal story of how I was guided so simply to experience the Zero Point and to share it due to its powerful way of manifesting, and expanding our consciousness so needed in the process of Ascension, and our Multidimensional future, the NOW.

“Where there is love, there is life.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

My story begins with the heart, for it is the first organ to form in the development of our body. It is the support system of all organs that follow in development. As mentioned in Part I, with our hearts, the Zero Point can be felt as a void, dimensional spaces, an abyss, our sub atomic core centered self where we can experience the all.

My guidance was that the heart must be open to experience the awareness of the ZPF, the all.Opening the heart is an important process, for without it you cannot truly feel the moments of your life. There are different types of exercises that you can do to open the heart center. I was guided to take the hassock that I had, just an ordinary one and lie across it on my back with my arms stretched out and hung to either side. My body arched with just my torso and lower back being supported for just a minute. Find what works best for your body type.

There are meditations and visualizations that also can open the heart center. However, I used this exercise as often as I could until I felt the expansion in my chest was present. I was always protecting the front of my body and my shoulders were not in line. Bad posture of rounded shoulders and so that led to postural education to be aware of my alignment so that my energy field can flow freely, and my stance grounded.

The Zero Point Field is our life line our connection to the stars, the heavens and to our core centered self. As above so below. From Within and from Without, it is the infinite energy supply of Source Creator that is contained within all things and most of all love. We are Star Rooted beings and we are Zero Point energy because it exists in all things. The field may appear latent or empty but it is not. This subtle but outstandingly powerful energy is our personal laboratory for creating and manifesting. If you haven't been successful in manifesting your desires, it is because we all have been taught that we are separate from this cosmic energy. But we are not.

The Zero Point fields energy is in constant communication. It communicates through the frequency of thought, vibration. It is invisible, it is a creative process manifesting the celestial sky, nature, and consciousness of all ideas of creation, healing medicine etc. From the microcosm to the macrocosm, it is in constant communication. It is through which thoughts can have physical effects happen. This is how the frequency that is generated by the power of thought can be picked up by someone many miles away, or how a strong enough intent can manifest itself in physical reality. The higher consciousness of the deep heart is the generator. The open heart and positive intention leads the way to our manifesting and creates the changes that we want to see.

Nassim Haramein, a Quantum Physicist explains how the human heart, with its immense electromagnetic field–larger than the brain’s–offers a link with the vast sea of energy/consciousness, the ZPF that we are all immersed in. In states of meditation or calming activity, the heart’s radiations outward have greater power, greater reach. We become able to influence our world–the morphogenetic field–through being centered, going inward, entering “the singularity” of being centered — and sending our dreams, desires, intentions out into the universe from that powerfully centered state.

HeartMath Institute | 501(c)(3) Nonprofit-Since 1991 | am sure if you are a star gazer or love sunsets and sun rises, nature art music, you have experienced this field where you become one as you merge and expand with its frequency its beauty, which resonates a peacefulness that all is good in your universe. It was through meditation of breath and intention that I was guided to learn an awareness in experiencing the Zero-point field in nature. I was guided to sit comfortably at the beach and gaze with my eyes fixed on the horizon and slowly inhale and exhale. As I continued in this exercise I experienced a great conscious expansion and peace. I felt high, no drugs or enhancements, just pure oxygen.

As I continually progress in my process, it has become a place of peace where I dwell in a freedom unconditioned, but full of subtle power. It has become a conscious way of life. I don't have to sit in meditation to experience it. That was just a lesson in learning of its awareness. What is difficult is how to keep this state of harmony and peace as I shift to tend many tasks each day. Staying centered in mindfulness, positive thoughts, and intention allows me to shift into many different dimensions. It's a conscious meditation. Your moving about your daily activities in a peaceful awareness. When our decisions, our thoughts and words of each moment are in harmony with our inner truth, the universe will always guide us.

If you have felt this expanded state of peace in your conscious meditations, also know that contraction always follows. It is a time to reflect and to be still. When the Universe pulls the rug from under you, it is a day to check in with yourself. What have I been thinking or doing that is not in harmony with my personal truth and in harmony with my Universe. What frequency am I putting out there that is manifesting trouble in my world. The other part of the process that I was guided to, is to clear my energy field so that I have clarity. Bleaching the pathways and defragmenting any of my personal "Inner Net" files of fear that are blocking the flow of life, so that my energy field is humming peacefully with the Universe. Self- healing or a healer can support this process. I chose many different ways of self-healing and education, as well as my training as a healer.

The Human Energy Field and the DNA Article Posted 5/07/18

I felt robotic before opening my heart, extremely conditioned. Everything was a process and this path led to self-hood, knowing all the parts of myself, which answers the question, “Who Am I” which of course cannot be answered in one word. For we are the all, we are the “I” the energy source having an experience in a physical body. A craft that needs healthy maintenance and most of all self-love. When we have clarity and healthy boundaries, negative forces and lower frequencies cannot affect us.

Experiencing the Zero Point is a path, not just an exercise, it is a conscious awareness of energy in motion. So, what are we doing here? I am sure the question has come up many times. I am sure there are many theories, and mine is not a theory, but a path that is true with constant results. We are here as independent co-creators to manifest, heal, expand, ascend with the understanding of our multidimensional selves, an experiment of experiences and most of all to really enjoy our time on this beautiful planet.

There is no limit to what we can experience in the Zero Point. We are the orchestrator and audience reflecting on the sea of life. What we embed and cast out into the field comes back in many forms. It all depends what your magic is and the ingredients that you use. I am sure if you have read up to this line, you have experienced this. Life here is to experience everything without judgement. It is not a contest and there are no losers. Just a cosmic experience of the open heart. Let it guide you in the peace of knowing your truths and live by your own design. An open heart is the key, as well as positive intent. Our open hearts are the light source that leads us to the path of peace, abundance, happiness and love, that makes our personal world a much better place.

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