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A Hearts Breath to Zero Point Part I


Within each breath and step that we take, our heart pulses in a rhythm of energy that comes from a great source.

The energy of our heart can be defined as spiritual, and scientific. In the world of science, the quantum world of physics, there are electromagnetic and bio-chemical fields that are generated by our hearts, and they are an essential path, a central source point in our whole being. It is the "Key" the "Activator", the "Initiator"-the Portal from where the Great-Source flows through us.The spiritual energy from our heart activates love and moves constantly in and around us as a vortex. It cannot be tamed or controlled. It is freedom in every aspect that defines the order of the universe, creating the perfect life forms of stars, planets, and the human heart.

In order for our body mind and spirit to perform at its highest potential, our hearts, must be open. The results of this process will bring forth a functional creation as the " cosmic humans " in it. The energy flow of our heart is the power house of our being, just like every star and living cell has its mitochondria, the heart is our center point of a sun within us. From the great cosmos to the microcosms, it is our dimension of cosmic consciousness that blazes through us from our first and last breaths. The powerful source that creates the path we follow is the Zero point, where our breath, heart, and mind become one.

In Quantum Physics, this source point is also called the Zero Point. Zero is synchronous, both the smallest and the largest number. It is nothing, and it contains everything. It is both empty and full. What we call zero point is the connecting point. It is the limitless point in space-time that connects all that is with all that could be. Some would say it is the Star-Gate that connects the space-time of mind with the infinite universal intelligence, a hologram, and all that exists, exists in this point, within ourselves, within our hearts.

All that we experience in our physical reality ripples through us an energy of information, templates, little packets radiated into space-time of the mind and heart. Through the points of our breath and pulses of our heart beat expanding and contracting, we become more aware of this energy and information. It is subtle in nature, and we then can begin to confirm our co-existence as one with universal life, our guide in experiencing our multidimensionality. In this now time, I feel that its most important to see and live each moment aware of our light body and how we experience and metabolize energy. The images, the thoughts, and feelings that we give shape and substance to, become our life experience of what we create, heal, and manifest on earth.

So, what are we doing here, and how do we experience Zero point in a moments breath?

The answer is in PART II of this article which will be posted shortly. It is my personal story of how I was guided so simply to experience Zero Point and to share it due to its powerful way of expanding consciousness so needed in the process of Ascension, and our Multidimensional future, the NOW.

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