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After many years of wielding a sword in his search for self-truth, the Shadow Warrior has become lost and worn. The victories of his sword have become a Shadow and reflection of mournful acts, and now fears it is not at all the truth that he had set out to seek. His heart and his mind are riddled with pain as he realizes in his suffering, that he's destroyed many lives in his murderous rage. He's weary and falls to his knees striking the ground with a deathblow from his sword. His voice roars plunging its blade deep into the earth and whispers a Warrior's Ritual and clears the sword once and for all from its dreadful deeds.

In that very moment, the earth quakes and he fall's in a howling endless cry that opens his heart, and with love and compassion forgives himself of his dire past. He kisses the ground so softly where his sword once was, and suddenly the quaking has ceased. He rises in a grounded stance, his essence imploding and glistening in the sun, a light force all his own. In this breathless moment he pauses and observes that his body has softened, and feels and sees, that the truth he once sought, is truly within, and that the power of his sword was just a mirror image of his own Beloved Shadow.

I was strongly guided to create this article and I know that the shadow isn’t at all a popular topic. For who enjoys owning their flaws, weaknesses, selfishness, jealousy, lying, blaming, hate, and so on? Focusing on our strengths is more enjoyable and life-affirming. Yes? However, when we explore our shadow side, it gives us tremendous opportunities for growth, development, and to be able to be more aware of the multifaceted beings that we are. A truly Spiritual experience.

As we tend to our Shadow, our consciousness expands, for shadow work is making the unconscious conscious. As our hearts open, integrating the shadow must be a first act of compassion towards ourselves which allows us to accept others without our projections of judgement or criticism, because we have learned to accept our own shadow selves. Owning our shadow is not easy. Being aware, of our emotions in the moment and taking a step back, pausing to breathe to observe our impulses and triggers, gives us a moment to choose whether and how to act on them. Reacting is learned emotional behavior. Responding, is from our moments truths.

From this we also become more self-aware and can assess our moments more accurately and bring in ideas that unlock our creative abilities. We also will see others and evaluate situations with greater clarity, compassion, and understanding. As a result, other people’s behavior won’t trigger us as easily. We'll have an easier time communicating with others which results in improved relationships.

Our physical body and mind will not be divided, we will experience less pain, and feel more grounded, stronger, cohesive and whole. Our energy fields will be metabolizing energy more efficiently. Our splits and schisms will no longer drag us down. Ascension, Activation and our Multidimensional selves will also begin to be understood. There is more opportunity than ever before to be supported to be the change and make the changes necessary for a better world.

When I was in training as a healer over thirty years ago, I had no idea what the shadow was. "Me", have a shadow"? I had no clue, and the first thing we learned in our training and therapy sessions, is that to heal others, we must heal our self-first and integrate the shadow and embrace the parts that have been buried and disowned. There are many books on "How To," and available Healers and Therapists that can also support our process.

Accepting our own humanness with love is a good place to start. Remove the masks and be authentic and as honest as you can be with yourself. Don't kill the messengers for they are reflecting to you the things you need to know about yourself. As Carl Jung often quoted, "Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."

Remember, we all have a shadow—everyone is playing a part in this together, we need the contrasts and reflection to move for we all need to be in our own light and honor the light of others. I am not saying you must have a relationship with everyone but allow them their process to be in their own light by being mindful. By this we can learn and forgive, so that the next opportunity that comes, we can respond always from our hearts truth, and not react emotionally.

It's not easy, but it is the way to Sovereignty, to our freedom to always just simply be.

Be well, and safe everyone, much Love!

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