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The Flow Of Breath and Heart as One

The Flow of Breath and Heart as One

Hello and welcome everyone…...During this session we will be experiencing a short exercise of meditative breathing with visualization.

Please sit comfortably and close your eyes. Or if some of you wish, you can lay down. If you lay down, you may sometimes fall asleep. It’s ok. For those who are sitting, you will most likely finish the meditation in its entirety. Does anyone have any questions or concerns before we begin? Ok…. So…... let’s get started.

The most important part of self-healing is to allow ourselves to feel the flow of our feelings within each moment……. and breath that we take. This is energy consciousness, the very feelings that we have experienced about ourselves every moment of our lives.

Just know that everything and anything is possible. When your Heart and Mind become one, an embryo of thought becomes an idea that will crystalize the desired form to appear when your breath and heart become one. Relax now with these words close your eyes and clear your mind.

Relax and let all the tension dissolve in your hands, your arms, your legs, your feet and every bone and cell in your physical body. Feel limp and soft. Just breathe now. Take a breath through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Your breath is the vehicle and the way to feel the flow. Our breath orchestrates time and space. Feel that space as you inhale and exhale.

So now Slowly, again take a breath in through your nose and this time fill your belly softly as you would fill a balloon with air. Feel your belly rounded and full as you inhale and feel the warmth as it expands. Your breath fills this beautiful space within you.

As you slowly exhale, feel the contraction as your breath returns into your center. With each breath that returns to the center, your belly deflates and the space becomes warmer. Continue this, at least three times or more to feel the flow and the rhythm of your breath filling you and becoming warm as a Sun.

Keep breathing, and take your time. There is no rush. Be in the moment of the flow. Just breathe. Yes, it feels good to take your time and slow down as you have never done before. See yourself as a whirling vortex of energy a beautiful light. Keep breathing, and relax.

And now, while we are in this beautiful rhythm of flow, let us breathe again and feel your breath up well from your belly through your diaphragm, moving upward, as a fountain to fill your chest and heart. Feel the warmth, feel the sun within you.

Breathe and relax, breathe and relax. Now if you can visualize this fountain as a color. Any color of your choosing, that feels right that comforts you. Visualize its brilliance as you breathe inhaling it and exhaling it so that you are filled with this color from head to toe.

Keep breathing and keep visualizing your breath as this color filling and clearing, filling and clearing, letting go of any vibration that is less than its brilliance. Fill your diaphragm, your chest, fill your lungs, and your heart with this color as you inhale. And as you exhale, let go again of feelings that have been left behind. Bathe them with your color feel the flow, feel the essence of them. They have served you well …keep breathing and see the color up well to fill every space and every organ. Breathe and feel the color of your breath, become the color as you inhale and let your heart be filled. You are all doing well. So well. Take your time… Keep breathing and letting go.

Yes, that’s it, let go… beautiful. If you wish, or feel the need to change the color, then do so. You can use a rainbow of colors if you wish. Follow your heart always. Keep breathing inhaling and exhaling this color upwelling as a fountain filling you from head to toe.

Breathe and relax...... feel the flow and relax….and as you exhale, let your eyes become soft……let your mind be free. Keep breathing and visualize your desire within this color. Let your heart hold this desire and let your colored breath give life to it. Inhale this color and breathe into your heart’s desire this hue this feeling this desire. Be playful.

There is no wrong or right. Remember, the child of innocence is within each and every one of us as the Alchemist, the Magician, the Sage, the Warrior, Majestic and pure. Take care of this child and listen when it calls.

Feel the flow of you and your experience. Keep breathing and slowly let go and be with your desire in full color for a few more breaths…….

Relax and slowly come back to center…. come home now and rest. Open your eyes and bring this medication back with you. You are safe.

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