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To Change and Be Challenged is the Process of Healing

Change always creates a shift within self, the planet, unity consciousness, and beyond. In our day to day lives, making changes can be challenging and fearful.

To evolve and to meet our greatest potential, we need special attention to constantly examine our thoughts. For the energy that surrounds us at any given time is always a reflection of what we are thinking and feeling. Due to the ongoing chaos in our world, it can be difficult to focus and not be affected by the constant distractions. We can bypass this process of distraction by meditating on becoming the peace. For then our world unfolds and enfolds in harmony. However, maintaining the peace is the challenge especially if we allow the constant bombardment of negative vibrations to affect us as it passes through all our senses. All change has to come from within, with our feelings and our hearts as one. So often our mind blocks our hearts desire due to the fear and change it could bring. It is important to notice this. For if we are blocking our hearts passion, then we also block our dreams. Remember reacting and responding are two different mechanisms.

When we react, it is an embedded defense mechanism that comes from emotions. When we respond to a question or situation, it is about our truth. We need to pause and breathe with positive words that come through our heart. We only hurt ourselves when we deny our true feelings in fear of hurting another. Being honest and caring with our selves, allows us to be true and caring in our relations. We do ourselves harm when we cut ourselves up to please others. This causes separations and schisms. Suppressing our feelings will eventually cause blocks and can bring disease to our physical bodies. This becomes a painful process that can create anger that is transferred to others.

By denying our feelings we create our own emotional prison. Constant filtering and creating healthy boundaries are important steps in finding the peace which brings health, happiness and prosperity from our hearts truths. The process of peace relies on truth and yes, it is not an easy one. It needs to be exercised moment to moment.

Let go of relations, activities and even employment that does not serve you any longer. Letting go is the process of peaceful change. Opening your heart to the new is a graceful event. We are energetic beings and once we let go of the load, a new energy of positive change arrives. You create the peace and beauty. This is constant work and a constant process. Diligence and impeccable monitoring of our feelings is the process and the way.

Keep dialog s free of negative thoughts, feelings and expression. Replace them with positive affirmations and breathe. Believe in yourself that everything and anything is possible and welcome the grace, for grace brings us our sensual nature as a direct communication with the earth, the stars, and the elements.

Mother Earth is Calling all the Warriors of the Spirit. Pick up your swords and cut through the veil so that only the truth of yourself remains and the reflection of self is crystal clear. This is a conscious evolution and a part of the Ascension process. Ascension is a “state of consciousness” and "heart consciousness as one unit of affection. The art of ascension is the flow of balancing our breath and the power of our thoughts to express the highest of spoken words which becomes the peace and the harmony in our internal world which then becomes our Fifth Dimensional Reality.

Whether one happens to be male or female, grace flows when we allow our own feminine magnetism to be cared for, and to serve others, to cherish and ultimately to love unconditionally. Mother Earth in her natural state of being is unconditional love where grace and serenity flow as nourishment. It is our natural birth right to be nourished as one opens the heart to awaken the memory of our truth. For when we choose Love over fear, life becomes a constant state of peace, truth and grace.

From this state, there is no doing, no trying, no saving, no fixing, no changing, no expecting, no judging, no separating, no nothing, but to just be. In the deepest common sense, when we live in peace, our lives are automatically filled with the joy of doing, coming from a conscious state of being.


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