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Life in HD -A Path To follow- Finding Your Freedom, Creativity, Peace & Prosperity

Within each step and breath that we take, our heart pulses in a rhythm of energy that comes from the great source. The energy of our heart can be defined as spiritual and scientific. In the world of science, the quantum world of physics, there are electromagnetic and bio chemical fields that are generated by our hearts and they are a key, a central key, and a central source point in our whole being. It is the ‘key’, the Activator, the Initiator – the Portal from where God-Source flows through us. The spiritual energy from our heart is called love. As a verb it activates and constantly moves in an around us. It cannot be tamed nor controlled. It is freedom in every aspect that defines the order of the universe to create its perfect life forms of stars, planets and the human heart.

In order for our mind, body and our emotional world to perform at its highest potential, our hearts must be reawakened and opened. The results of this process brings forth a healthy functional creation as the ‘god humans’ in it. The energy flow of our heart is the power house of our being just like every star and living cell has its mitochondria, the heart is our center point of a sun within us. From the great cosmos, to the micro cosmos it is our dimension of divinity that blazes through us from our first and last breaths. The powerful source that creates the path we follow is the point where our breath, heart and mind become one.

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